the following images are meant to work for me as a passage of thought-

a minimal experience in space -no universal message here.

The intent is not to arouse any consideration provided by the viewer but

merely to point to a pallet of possible ideas for larger pieces processed/

flushed through a different medium and most importantly the thought

process regarding explanation if need be and those other things that can

be implied or applied to the context of seeing.

What interest me are the shapes, the distances, as well as the patterns

presented within the context of the uncovered idea ( exposed )

and translated to the larger image.

Most importantly, the exposure of the idea remains as potentially iconic

as any traditional photographic reproduction because of its' clarity and ...

for example, as in The Fire Will Always Burn photo, this is in answer to

Mr. Lucky's, The Wheel Will Always Turn, thus, The Fire Will Always Burn, get it?