Heads-up! More music at http// or FB meyer hirsch


So! Hi! How are you's? I can only imagine who u's are but here is the truth. Been recording with Randy and experimenting in real time. I have played a few intermissions for Sam' Stay Strange Series. This past Sat Randy and I played a short piece-1 min of sound and something else ending with a Cymble Slam. The piece had to do with the observer and the observed and it's interaction and maybe meaning, as a result of the mime and shouting by R and mix-up by Me.


Attended the 1st performance of Sam Lopez Stay Strange on going presentations of experimental sounds from new and innovative devices for 2013 at SPACE 4 ART Bobby Bray and Scott Nielson demonstrated their sets to everyones delite. I was asked, to my surprise, to perform at intermission. I played flutes along with a spoken word piece unplanned, although Sam had asked me to play previously in Nov.Dec. 2012 at Kava Gallery I was hopping he would ask.

I have been recording with Randy Chiurazzi for a few months and come up with some unusual
pieces uploaded to FB. You can access through


I had commited to performing my 1ST PUBLIC EXPOSURE PERFORMANCE #1 at Grossmont Center but had to cancell my partner Mark was called into work, oh well! Random sounds on my wooden flutes was the plan.


Played the show at Kava Gallery-waiting to see the video to confirm my thoughts re. the sound and spontaneous aspects as I recall.

I thank my daughter Val for attending- she is very special to me as well as Adelle and Max who could not attend.



Trade off interactions
listen listen listen
respond to other and/or respond to content and formal inspirations that need to be explored.





I am off to the side

I enter and start on the bag while Hirsch is playing


both of us on bags

Hirsch starts on guitar while I recite the tile with the Bag (Low voice effect)

Hirsch solo guitar then nod me in on guitar
(Hirsch on cans (EFFECT U4)

Hirsch continues while I get against the wall experimenting with source, form, content by adjusting body RANDY STARTS ON GUITAR AND NOD HIRSCH IN.


me on guitar, Hirsch on cans

Randy pulse on major seconds

(explore definition of major second (could be whole bare across frets (clustered major seconds)

Randy begin rolling sound on guitar

Randy on "rolling pattern(U3 patch 1) Hirsch on guitar

Hirsch starts with bow

I join with my bow
(sheets of sustained sound crossing )
Experiment with source visualisation
you are seated in a violin section of an orchestra contemplating the next riff )




Shape and form are two can be construed as two different things.

The shape that sound suggests is
just a tweak away from suggesting a different shape or form.

From what you see, hear, gather from the environment--

Shoot for something along the lines of improvisers who experimented with Sound and consciousness(Don Pullen, Coltrane, Cecil Taylor, Ornette)

Trigger words and thoughts:





Been awhile! Anyway, have been playing more as of late 2011. And now I have a gig coming up on the 8TH of July 2012 7pm at Kava Gallery S.D. If you are around at this time please come by, thanks.

Oh, Ill be playing with Randy Chiurazzi and MJ Stevens will handle the lighting.

I have about ten trax to upload and I will get to it soon.


Like I said in May: recording was a priority along with family and music friends. Met a few more players in S.D. Played The Garage Aug. 13th and I must say it was a blast. Besides playing solo I was able to play a duet set with Josh Quon and as a matter of fact Josh asked me to rehearse with his experimental group-a lot of power.

Check out for recent uploads.

Family is doing well, Max in NY. is doing remarkably well with illustration assignments. Adelle is buzy doing homework and she recently invited me to a Fathers Day lunch as well as sharing my daughter Marions birthday-I must say the joy of the 1ST born and sadness of death is just as strong as ever.

Recently I've learned that my X Lynne Holyoke, the mother of my children, will be getting married in November to a fellow she new in the Seventies. Congrats to them...for sure.

My daughter Val is working and school buzy as well as sharing her life with Rob-Qool!

I have a gig coming up on Oct 13th. Check back I may have some news in a few weeks?


So let's see, tomorrow I am scheduled to record at my friend Mark Johnson's house. It's about time I add a few more tracks to my list.


Wow! ..looks like I ran out of words for a while. I'll bring the time line closer.

Valorie visited Lemon Grove on April 3rd, and stayed for just short of three weeks-what a blast. I think we all had a great time with her. Actually she made the trip at the wheel of the new truck. I am proud of her for sure. There is a lot more to say that will take some time to put into words.


Marion, my daughter, passed away on this day in 1984 at 2years old. My thoughts are with you


Rob left for Germany today on Air-force Deployment. Good luck Rob...


Max was in town this week for 4 days. We had a great time: we talked -got into each others head and communicated more than ever. We spent a lot of time driving around San Diego which was Q-OOL ! We even played some at his mothers (Lynne's) house. Fun fun...talked art and other things like women, music, work, politics...his situation-all positive.

I would like to thank his mom for making it possible for him to come out. We all spent time together, Max, Adelle, Lynne and Martin her long lost boy friend from the 70's-? but OK; he recorded me and that was Q-OOL ! 4 sure. Oh yeah! Forgot Val for a moment-missed you Val.

Today is Adelle's birthday-Happy Birthday Adelle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! many more!!!!!!!!!!!


Snowing a little in Colorado, Val will tough it there while Rob deploys to a far off land-Gatar, in the middle east. Raining a lot in San Diego, Max is flying in Saturday to visit family, and I am stressing out on all the expectations- oh well, that's just me. Oh and Adelle is toughing it out in San Diego.

Looking forward to recording some in January February. Look out for another video with a sound file recorded in 2004 0r 2005-this is one of my favorite guitar pieces with Mark Johnson on fret-less guitar and me on electric guitar...


Updates on the way.


Val's birthday just passed on the 22ND of October-Happy BD Val the door is on the way. Good things are happening for Val and Rob.


Heard some great music on Saturday- guitar improv.- very exciting. Randy Chiurazzi and Michael Stevens performed.


Rob advanced to Sgt in the Airforce. Val is thinking about coming back to S.D. while Rob is deployed to the middle east.

Max recently enjoyed employment in N.Y. working with political data and still producing illustrations
for publications.

Adelle is working and taking classes on computer.

Me, I recently played at The Wits End in Hillcrest with my friend Abel Ashes and maybe one track will be uploaded to You Tube.


At a poetry reading in Old Towns own Korky's Ice cream Parlor I read a few thoughts I had written in the last few years.

The 1ST was: the sun is shining and things still aren't so great... 1999

What is so surprising about this is Shakespeare wrote " true is it that we have seen better days "...

The 2ND was: do you not think that you are living someone else's dream "...2010

Shakespeare wrote " how better a thing it is to look into happiness through another man's eyes"...

Fred Longworth, a performer said, " it's a shame that Shakespeare plagiarized your work "...

How was I to know, not having read any Shakespeare quotes..?

20 people all laughed in unison...This was truly a fine moment for everyone.


Val and Rob are settling in now in Colorado Springs-new apartment and setting up house before the winter arrives. Rob will be deploying soon and Val will get a job soon-Love them both.

Adelle is holding the fort down, taking care of the cats etc. working and studying, in Lemon Grove while her mom is up north.

Max is calling New York home now and continues to work on illustrations for various publications. Check him out at -Q-ool ! stuff.

Me! I have been participating in the Monday Evenings at Winstons in OB with the Drunk Poets Society- a little bit of playing and a little bit of talking. It's a blast. Check with Chris Vannoy on Facebook for more info. Also be sure to check the videos that show me performing as well as others.


Valorie will arrive in Texas this evening to share in her husbands graduation from the Air Force dog handling school. From there they both will travel to Colorado Springs where they will share a military house for a number of months but no telling where this will lead.

This was a provocative moment for me and her as well in that we have been inseparable for the last 3 or 4 weeks leading up to the flight out from Lindberg Field. Her friends Arriceli and Maria, from grammar school, saw her off at the house as well as her mom and it was fun.

Have a wonderful time Val and Robbie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Fly ( sees all ) coming in a few days. The Fly is a poetic performance piece first performed at Winstons in OB in June 2010.


...very interesting time in L.A. Had a great time driving up, but what a surprise walking into the dining room. It was like walking into a warp of time in that I truly did not recognize anyone. A number of classmates that I was friends with came up, introduced themselves and some of the memory's came back in a haze of images. If not for George Maldonado greeting us out side the Winery, that really made it somewhat easier and appreciative. George introduced us to the many classmates when possible. Adelle and Valorie took pictures and all turned out well.

I am back in S.D. now and ready to see my daughter Valorie off to Texas then Colorado. This is a life changing adventure for her and she is excited. We have been hanging for a couple of weeks now and it has been wonderful.


The music section is now up and running. It took awhile to restore-it worked out just fine.


On the 23RD I plan to attend a Class Reunion for the first time in a few years-like never have. My two daughters, Adelle and Valorie will accompany me in the morn. Val will drive for the most part and I will take over when it's time to show them my old neighborhoods and eateries. Max is in New York now so will not be able to travel with us. He sent his " grats ".

I wonder if I will recognize anyone? Should be fun, so I am told.


More news coming your way in a few days.


Well I just deleted the Music Section from my Web site. I hope to get it restored soon. There are 4 tracks on Facebook if U want to check it.


It's not like there isn't anything to report, I just have been really busy. I plan to catch up in a few days.

I am on Facebook now and the main reason is because some friends are on also and there are some experiences in common. I am working on a new set-up on my electric guitar ; really qool.


Valorie is coming home from marriage and short honeymoon in Hawaii. Soon after she will go to Texas and on to another adventure in Colorado.

I am working on some things for an up-coming show with Chris Vannoy, a well known poet in San Diego, featuring me as well, at Winston's in OB.


My youngest daughter Valorie just landed in Hawaii with intentions of marrying Robbie Whaley, an Air Force member, on the 4TH of February. She will be back home on the 27TH and then soon after on to Texas for a little bit and then on to Colorado. I will miss her greatly. Few people know that she is such a good singer and I have always encouraged her to join a band. She is only 21-so plenty of time on her immediate journey.


Well, for those of you that are interested: For the last 6 months I have been on a " pain management " program with morphine for back problems. On January 7TH, I am not sure what happened, but I ODd on the morphine med. I slept for three days lost 20 lbs and am now going threw withdrawal. I am confident of coming out of this stronger.

My advice to anyone in a similar position would be to take notice of the options-morphine for the artist is not a good thing.


I have only mentioned this to a few people, and that is that I will come out after 2 yrs plus of not having played in public.

In January I hope to make a few calls to get the ball rolling.

I am working out, building up my stamina, and playing with more determination, mainly I am clearing my mind of the impotent traps of improvisation.

I am truly looking forward with a moment of anticipation.


Max has been home , from S.F. for a few days and he has been wonderful! " Yea that...

straight up ", uh! He redesigned Lynne's working area at the front room area of the house.

Fantastic and well organized. He made some adjustments in my living quarters at the back of the

house as well. Thanks Max Love U Looking forward to today.


This week was a week for zeroing in on money due from the State and the Feds-looking for a little luck.


Music section is now on line. Thx for hangin" in there...
My son came to the rescue in fine fashion.


Marcelo Radulovich-as posted on Facebook

Hirsch, try to come by the Wits End tonight, check out what I'm doing performance wise, I think you'd enjoy it.


...just reconnected with Steve Zeifman, who currently is doing business in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Check out his various " art related " business ( reproductions etc. ) . Very provocative call, especially after not seeing or talking to each other for at least 25 yrs, wow!


"Today I'm pleased to introduce the Internet Freedom Act of 2009 that will keep the Internet free from government control and regulation," McCain said. "It will allow for continued innovation that will in turn create more high-paying jobs for the millions of Americans who are out of work or seeking new employment. Keeping businesses free from oppressive regulations is the best stimulus for the current economy." Obama in 2008 said, " net neutrlity rules are among his top tech priorities ".


A friend of mine said yesterday: I'd love to love but too busy trying to make ends meet.

Deep in debt and no work makes art a weary boy. Miss the olden days of freedom.


The time has come, the beast is raising its head...

Mark Johnson


I found this interesting. Check out, Going-Rogue on Facebook-lots of news.

Political pin-up projects tend to support specific candidates. We'd like to encourage something similar, that focuses on individual issues -- foreign policy, market crisis, drug laws, sex laws, health care, taxes, gun control, censorship...

It doesn’t matter what your party affiliation is. If you identify with the movement to minimize government, maximize personal freedom, and encourage a more sustainable economy, you’re probably one of us.
Contact Info


Chris Vannoy will read at the Drunk Poet Society meeting at Winstons in O.B. tonight.
Apparently this happens every Monday-contact Chris for more info at Facebook


...important reading


Recommended listening: PM Netanyahu speaking at the UN Meeting regarding Israel and the Palestinians and whoever, or whomever is at any particular helm...

Anyone interested in listening and watching her videos about the Middle East, the various cultures and how, why, the problems continue today: Brigitte Gabriel is a fantastic source-a power house of important information ...


The Drop: Urban Art Infill presents the special exhibition 2012+ curated by Alexandra Chang and Mie Iwatsuki. The title is partly coined from the Mayan calendar, indicating an upcoming shift from one phase of life to something new about to take shape. As the Kyoto Protocol expires in 2012, a certain sense of impending urgency is represented by this number when coupled with the current global realities of climate change. And what is felt locally and individually can potently highlight our participation within a global society. Yet the symbol “+” is also a call to contemplate and seek possibilities to envision what can be.

The 2012+ exhibition investigates the relationship of the urban-based artist and city dweller to their environs, from the city, to how they situate themselves in relationship to the environment on a global level. Each artist presented in the show contemplates their link to their notion of the environment in a unique way. By including both urban space as well as the natural environment within this realm, these artists take into account a point of view specific to the city dweller.

Some art may take on the urgency of a last warning, or contemplation of the politics that results in dystopias of environmental and societal disaster. Some may seek to present elements of harmony, an ideal state of nature, and coexistence, ushering in ideas of optimism or a possible utopia. While others may be meditative on the closeness or elusiveness of these ideas in everyday urban existence.

The special exhibition 2012+ is situated within the frameworks of the daylong art festival THE DROP: URBAN ART INFILL, a series of planned indoor and outdoor art projects, including the best in New York’s independent music, fashion, art and design, creating dialogue in the New York community about our relationship to art, the city and the greater global environment.

Artists participating in the 2012+ exhibition are:

Yoko Ono
Ryuichi Sakamoto
Paul D. Miller
Mamoru Oshii
ON Megumi Akiyoshi
John Ahearn
Rainer Ganahl
Luis Mallo
Chen Ching-Yao
Ali Hussain
Mikael Levin
Jing Ai
Nayia Frangouli
Raquel Rabinovich
Julian Montague
Julia Chiang
Mary Ting
Adrian Kondratowicz
Peter Garfield
Sungmi Lee
Robert Peretti
Mimmo Roselli
Seth Carnes
Manuel Acevedo
Fred Fleisher and Marguerite Day
Saya Woolfalk
Zhou Yi
Hiroshi Sunairi
Ula Einstein
Midori Harima

at THE DROP: Urban Art Infill
4th Floor Gallery, 521 W. 25th Street, Between 10th and 11th Aves, New York, NY.
3-17 October 2009
Opening and Arts Festival: Saturday, October 3rd, 2009, from

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Art doesn't transform. It just plain forms. Roy Lichtenstein


m hirsch: have anything to say about your project
Eric Wong: Nope
Eric Wong: Building my site and documenting past projects
Eric Wong: experiment
Eric Wong: New video of piece after 9/11 on the artworks page
Eric Wong: If u git a chance let me know yur thoughts?
Eric Wong: Have to sign off now...
Eric Wong has signed off...


Had some crazy news about a Conceptual Project
In LA -yeah crazy.


Eric and Marianne R working on a new Conceptual Project.
If U R interested in more info. contact them at:, or


20TH Anniversary of the Russian Withdrawal from Afghanistan.

This bit should be interesting to most citizens.

Former soldier Alexei Filin was a sapper in Afghanistan, searching for mines in treacherous mountain territory.

"It got so frightening sometimes that you just wanted to kill yourself and get it over with … and then you'd be on a break, and you'd sit there thinking how wonderful it is to be alive in this great world," he says.

Many in Russia say the Soviet Union was trying to do the right thing in Afghanistan, but former sergeant Boris Raisky says the Kremlin just had no idea what it had become involved in.

"I realized we were fighting a counterinsurgency against local partisans. By definition, that's an unwinnable war," he says.

The war symbolized the collapse of a superpower unable to best a group of bedraggled rebels on its southern border — and the unanimous opinion in Russia is that U.S. forces will be no more successful in Afghanistan.

"They should get out as soon as possible. Or they'll be picked off like clay pigeons in target practice," says former Soviet Lt. Sergei Maximov.


Another dubious Czar:
Cass Sunstein, a Harvard Law Professor,
nominated to head the White House
Information and Regulatory Affairs Office,
will probably be confirmed by the Senate on Thurs.
He is a devotee of Peter Singer-a must read.


Did U ever think, as technology advances and
there is a savings in delivering certain services
such as electricity, why we, the public, don't
benefit in the form of savings from the advances?

Check IBM Technologies. They say that 50% of
power is lost ( somewhere in the grid )
before it reaches the consumer because of technology.


Less Govt, Fewer Czars, More People...


Alert!!! ...Van Jones is gone! Glenn Beck called it.


All of U should check out Michelle Malkin-
she is an accurate observer.


It seems that Obama is little by little unleashing
the advisers with their advise. Refer to a previous
speech in No Quarter


It seems as though the governement is about to
throw blank


Change of plans-no recording today. A minor
disappointment-will reschedule.


I will start recording again on Friday the 21st.
My approach as always will be as before-free
and spontaneous for sure which is what I enjoy.


I am taking my daughter Valorie to the airport
this morning. The plane leaves for Hawaii
at 9:30am for a 5 hr flight. She will be visiting
her boyfriend Robie for a couple of weeks
and return just in time to get back to her
college studies and work.


Jazz drummer Rashied Ali passed away yesterday (August 12) at the age of 74.

Ali, who was born Robert Patterson, began his career as a drummer in the US Army, and became famous in the 1960s when he drummed with John Coltrane. He was best known for pioneering a free jazz drumming technique. An album entitled ‘Interstellar Space’ subsequently came out as a duo with Coltrane.

Ali was the man behind New York jazz club Ali’s Alley which he ran from 1973 to 1979, and he also headed up his own label Survival Records.

The drummer continued as an influential member of the jazz scene throughout the 1980s and 1990s performing with many groups including Phalanx, By Any Means and Prima Materia. He also performed with the likes of Albert Ayler, Archie Shepp, Don Cherry, Gary Bartz, Dewey Redman and Carlos Santana.

Until his passing, Ali performed with The Rashied Ali Quintet, which he formed in 2003. The band’s most recent releases were 2006’s ‘Judgment Day Vol. 1’ and ‘Judgment Day Vol. 2’.

The cause of death has not yet been disclosed.

--By our New York staff.
Find out more about NME.


Just received this bit of news-check it!

Eric Wong
11:51am Aug 10th


This is actually an interesting project

Eric has shared a link to a group with you. To view the group or to reply to the message, follow this link:

If you do not wish to receive this type of email from Facebook in the future, please click here to unsubscribe.
Facebook's offices are located at 1601 S. California Ave., Palo Alto, CA 94304


Sorry Eric for the delay in responding to your "disdain"
towards the "dems".

You sent me an ad for Obama- it's about hope-is that right?

What is your hope?




Check out the new links! The names, the sounds, the books,
the people I am still learning from in many ways.
More to come!

The links I select
are thoughtful and come
with great respect.


From JG in Colorado-
Socialized medicine is the way to go! My friend in England says the same thing--has had surgery and emerg med treatments and is very pleased with the services.

JG generally doesn't talk politics with me. However, even without the politics,
she has supported me in many ways- there isn't enough
space to devote my thanks to Janna.



Eric Wong: Do U think I'm a "conservative"? Because
of my disdain for the democratic party?

Eric Wong: Fuel 4 fire

Hirsch: I'll get back to U in a moment with an answer, maybe.


Oh yeah Don, I pasted your response into my news section. I hope U don't mind. It is important in that it fits in with the political discussions today. Thanks, MH .


Hey Don, got a few questions. I'll check in a few days. Adios my friend.


Meyer, Canadien Health insurance is so far superior to the U.S. you wouldn't believe it. We used to pay a family About $133.00 a yr. but they got rid of that years ago. It is taken up by taxes and we pay nothing for Dr. visits or stays in the hospital. The kids were born and in the hospital about 10 days along with Karen and we paid nothing. That included me staying one night in the hospital with Karen and the kids to make sure we would be able to handle all the diaper and feedings. Take Care, don


Just heard from an old friend,
Harley Lond,( on twitter ) who published
a mag called Intermedia in the Bay area and
L.A. If U look on line U will probably find some
info regarding copies -hot stuff by any days

He was kind enough to have me work with
him and a few other artists on a project
diagramming ( blueprint of, as it were. )the inner workings
of the "museum structure" and how the artist
fit or not fit into the totem.

Contact me and I will put U in contact
with Harley once he gives the ok.


I heard from Eric Wong today just briefly
regarding a fellow by the name Negative Man
and he mentioned how interesting he
was to him. I told him I believed the same
as long as he stayed a block away...if you know
of him or more let me know...I'll pass the info on.


Recently heard that Marcos Fernandes is on
a mini tour in Japan pursuing the idea of
Sound Scapes in the environment.


Re: recordings in 2009

Without getting to technical I must say that
non of the tracks are planned. All are spontaneous.

I devoted many minutes in listening to be sure
I didn't repeat or cover the same tonal centers,
the same patterns or attempt to show how much
technical proficiency I have -that is obvious.

Sometimes I hit it just right and sometimes not.
One take and that's it. On to the next one.

If it didn't fit the criteria of the moment
then I would start again not knowing where
I would start.

Anyway, that's the way I did it.
I would like to take back some sounds or
movements or patterns or recording
deficiencies but... I stayed true to the concept
in my mind.


I have to thank my son Max for
uploading additional tracks that finish
off my spontaneous acoustic
wrk from 2007 till just about a month ago.
I learned a lot. Now i am thinking about
a new project, hoping to get back to
some Fender wrk.

Thanks Max! Lv Dad...

Besides thanking my son for pitching in
regarding all the tracks, re-doing my site
so i could make changes and giving his
youthful advice and asking my daughters
to give a youthful listen as well.

Mark Johnson deserves most of the
acknowledgment for hanging in there as
engineer and confidant through it all,
recording, playing back over and over,
then making copies so I could bring them
home to listen to over and over again
and again then accept them or not
-a lot of recycled plastic to the bin.
Thanks, Mark.

I have not decided to produce a CD. Time
will tell $$$, I am also working on my
large art pieces as well. For those of U
that will listen-pick the tracks U like
and let me know.

I shouldn't forget JG for her help with
contribution along the way as well as
listening to me and the sounds. We
have been friends for a long time and I am
sure we will continue to be friends.
Thanks JG

This has been a dream that did not
go to waste...

( read Life Is A Series Of Gains And Loses
and Human Dilemma )in the Writings
section of this site )


Interesting news late today:
Eric Wong has been organizing his
documentation of his shows going back
to after 1995 till the present, really a
tedious job.
Anyway,how I fit in with this is I was in a
show with Eric, at Sushi Gallery, showing
a large piece titled
"Six Transsexuals Descending A Rickety Ol' Staircase".
And, Eric was nice enough to use a
guitar piece I had recorded sometime in 2005-2007
as a background piece while doing a
walk through with the artists work.
key in The Lab,

Thank you Eric. Maybe we will collaborate on
some thing in the future. Whatever-
it's all good.


My friend JG in Denver asked me why i used
so many " fucking " words in my piece
Poetic Fucking Gesture -like I said,
" it's a poetic fucking gesture "...



Conversation with Eric:

what up?

thinking about music and how most of it
like art makes me want to die or play baseball.

great-i lv the thought and the words-

just thought, no words


I am falling out of my chair again. If any of U watch
Fox News U will know exactly what I mean. It
seems to me that the United States issues for sure fall
into the category of continuous stand-up comedy.
The czars ( 32 ) needed to get the word
out for the administration. It's quite an argument
now. " more to come "
I remember a time past when government could
be taken seriously but really,come on guys...


Just a " tid bit "

From Lynne ( my x )

Did anyone remember that
yesterday was Ringos birthday?

Who cares? Only a few people remembered
mine, that i know of...


We may have to respond to that!

Just received this E-mail from Eric Wong regarding
a track titled Audacious that I sent him and Marriane
a few days ago, and of course I appreciate
the many words.
This particular track will be on my site in a few
days or -look for it I enjoy it myself.


Obama! Can any of you agree to more than
two terms for this man? I personally do not need a dictator
to guide me through life! How about U? This
is not a trick question.


Iam falling out of my chair.Why! Well,
if U have time check Fox Live News go to
Glenn Beck-he sees the humor in the
politics of much of what is going on in the
USA,huh! feel free to send a comment.
Yeah, go green or go red or what ever
color suits U my friends. send an E so
I can quote U for sure. Check info page
for my E address.
I feel the inspiration now-think I'll play
some guitar now and maybe have
a salami sand...


So who believes the Iran vote...?
Who cares?


If U can explain some fact about the latest
Supreme Court ruling regarding white firefighters
in Conn. and how it affects us or anyone that
U know or how artists may or may not be affected,
if U have some idea- please send an E to me, check info page
for E address. Thanks



Trouble trouble trouble: hundreds of unwanted e-mails
that do not fit my interest. I do not recommend.


My friend Janna Gadden,the jazz photographer
from Los Angeles, has moved officially to Parker,
Colorado with dog, turtles, years and years
of belongings, photos,negatives, record collection,
as a matter of fact some of the collection
belong to me, that is, if I pay her back for the
$$'s I borrowed over the years. I am counting
my coins as we speak just to stay on top.


Just got word that my friend Mark will be on vacation
till the end of August, so any plans that I had for the
nearest future will have to be placed on hold. Let's see
did I have a contingency plan-Ill have to look through
my notes. Oh no! hundreds of sheets of paper,
hope I find something near the top.

I should ask, before I go on to another day,
if there are any artist musicians that feel they
are on the edge of some thing
let me know just for the fun of it.
For example, does your work really make a
difference in a larger sense. Will your work
bring taxes down or...?


I had never been to a Michael Jackson concert and I am truly
sorry for that. What a powerful artist, with the lights, the energy,
the crowds, the voice, the dancing ...the creative power on display
for all, WOW! So long Michael.


My son Max just had a successful opening at
Scion Gallery in Culver City.


I am currently thinking about joining the impressive list of
participants exploring the challenging prismatic shapes of
artistic thought within the Twitter land minds.

5 new tracks were just posted.
19 more tracks should be posted in a few weeks.

These recordings cover late 2007 to the present.

Previous recordings on this site
began in 2005 and are conceptually special as well.

If anyone wants to send a comment, please e-mail me.

Check information page.