2011 Recordings

Change It Up recorded 2009

Recorded 5/20/2011 at Marc Johnsons house. Got a question or thought, give me a shout.

Nano Study 1 or The Shadow Returns 12min

Last Dance Two

Last Dance Three

added a few weeks ago-1/5/11--unedited, as it was that day.

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Chappell Howard said:

In Last Dance Two

i hear an agitated underwater conversation, like the ones i used to have in the pool as a kid ... you know ... screaming at your sibling, exhaling words in a bubbly rush ... while they hold you under. that strange deep undertone... yet this isn't a swimming pool, it's a dark body of water in a quiet place with a water moccasin or two in it.

Howard, you are my most provocative listener. I mean that in the most thankful way.

Maxwell Loren Holyoke Hirsch said: gritty"

Mark Johnson said: " lets wretch "

Lynne Holyoke has always said: ...same ole" three chords "

Anonymous Coffee Drinker: ...but you don't even sound like a guitar player "


Morning, Afternoon and Evening Music

Can't Deny The Blues When It's There

Suddenly Happy Suddenly Sad

U Rang



Mathmatical Excursion #5

City Green

Looking For The Green

The Stage Is Set And Everyone Is Happy

Scratch Off

Spontaneous And Private

The Night part A

The Night part B

Stuck In A Groove


When It Came Time To Stop I Did

Bonus Tracks


Cut Into My Brain Like A Sharp Memory ( Hirsch Electric Guitar, Mark Johnson Fretless Guitar )

In Search Of A Theme


C'mon Little Doggie ( voice Lynne Holyoke -
Kyle Thopson wrote:Doing the distorted tape loop for "Cmon little doggy" was one of the funnest and oddest sessions ever."

Tripping My Way Through Piles Of Debris,Animals,Insects And Sludge To The Other Side Where The Flowers Are, Maybe ( Parts Borrowed From Hans Reichel " In Harmony With Henry The Horse " ) Max, My Son Contributed Also

Two Flutes Stranded On An Island In Space

Just A Little Bit Of Color

Check In Check Out

Minor Irritant

Temporary Blues In G flat

Thanks to Kyle Thompson for engineering on the bonus tracks.

Up It Up
Meyer Hirsch Dave Hurley